Monday, September 9, 2019

How do I get signed to a mojoheadz records label?

MojoHeadz Records consists of an international team of music enthusiasts devoted to promote and showcase new aspiring artists that push the boundaries of electronic dance music.

Ever since we started MojoHeadz Label, our main motivation has been to gather people from all across the globe, with a similar passion and taste in music, which has ultimately led to the great community we have today.

They have a social media profules on Tumblr and store.

The label is a home to artists such as Endego [SPINNIN' Records], Nuclear Maniac [Armada Music], Kevin Moncado [Protocol Records], Jayson Miro [SPINNIN' Records] and etc.

MojoHeadz Records
Clay Clemens (MojoHeadz Records) & Tujamo [SPINNIN']

To answer the question "how do I sign up for the records label?" you need to go to the official website of the label and send them an owl demo record.

These simple steps will be the beginning of your professional music career.

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